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Adventure Activities in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Adventure Activities in Mussoorie Uttarakhand

Since the property is amidst a forest, we have made it a point to avail the best from nature in terms of leisure and activities. The activities have been classified for both adults and children keeping in mind the fragility of the environs. The activities include Rock climbing, Rappelling, camping amidst bon- fire, Burma Bridge, Nature Walks, Hiking, Cycling, Bird Watching, guided tours to the neighbouring villages to enjoy and learn the rural culture, etc.

Bird Watching in Mussoorie

Bird Watching

Travelling to go bird watching or birding, is recommended for those who love walking into the laps of nature. It is an absolute delight to see the birds take flight in their natural surroundings, and scale new heights. A guide will help you walk through the dense forests and spot the exotic species that reside here. You get to learn about their behavioural patterns and food habits, too. You might need to add some bird feeders, if you want to increase the kind of birds you see. For instance, black sunflower oil seeds attract the greatest variety of birds. Still not sure whether bird watching is for you? Well, it is extremely inexpensive and improves your health in ways more than one!

Hiking in Mussoorie


Hiking in Mussoorie involves a beautiful escape from the mundane city life. It provides youwith an opportunity to walk through the unexplored territory and discover the magic of nature. The vicinity of the property leads to several hiking routes which have not been explored by most. You can surround yourself with the breath taking view of the mountains all around you, get to spot migratory birds, and experience the thrill while you hike through the picturesque wilderness. The uneven terrain will improve your muscle strength, stability and balance. Hiking here, will let you explore the flora and fauna as well as give you a memorable experience.

Bengo Bird Sanctury in Mussoorie


It has been encircled in the Rajaji Wildlife Sanctury and is a haven for nature and Bird watchers. It is said that the extinct Mountain Quail was last spotted here in the late 1970's and there is a great possibility of its existence in the area. The ruins of Leopard's lodge, a hunting shed, can still be seen on the hilltop. The temple of Jwala Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Durga guards the hilltop and an annual fair is commenced there every year in the month of October.

Bhadraaj Devta Temple & Forest Mussoorie


It is a treasure for seeker of peace lovers and those who believe in the divinity of belief. The route goes through lush forest Oak and Rhododendron that inhabits a good population of wild animals alike leopards, Himalayan Black Bear, Musk Deer, Muntjack, Jungle Martens, Pheasants and a number of exotic Himalayan birds. The temple on the hilltop is believed to be the seat of BhadraajDevta, Balraam of the episode Mahabharata, who one of the prime deities of the surrounding Jaunpur-Jaunsaar tribal region and is often worshiped in his serpent form as NaagRaaj.